Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stories of the Qur'an - Dhul-Qarnayn (as) & Luqman (as)

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It was narrated on the authority of Ka'b Al-Ahbar (ra) that he said to Mu'awiyah (ra): Dhul-Qarnayn (as) on his death-bed told his mother, after his death, to prepare food and gather the women of the city and invite them to eat save anyone who lost any of her children (she should not eat thereof). The mother did as she was asked, and none of them stretched a hand towards the food. She said: Glory be to Allah! Did you all lose children? They answered: By Allah! Yes we did. And, this was a great condolence for her.

Yazid told us after Abul Ashhab after Muhammad Ibn Wasi' as saying:
Luqman (as) said to his son: "0 my son! Fear Allah and do not let the people notice that you fear Him to gain honor (from them) while your heart is sinful."

Narrated Sufyan Ibn 'Uyaynah (ra): Luqman (as) was asked: Who is the worst of all people? He replied: It is the one who does not feel shame if found committing a sinful deed.

Abu As-Samad (ra) told us after Malik Ibn Dianr (ra) as saying: I found some pieces of wisdom [from Hazrat Luqman (as)] as follows: "Allah Almighty scatters and wastes the bones of those who give religious opinions that go with the people's lusts and desires." And, "There is no good for you that you learn something new while you do not practice what you have learnt previously. This is like a man who gathered a pile of dry wood, then tried to carry it but couldn't. Thereupon, he collected a second one."

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