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Other Revealed Scriptures, My Favorite Hadith

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[Hazrat Musa (as) had some 'booklet'-type revelations before he was given the Torah]

Hazrat Abu Zar (ra) then enquired about the contents of the booklets revealed to Hazrat Musa (as) [Moses]. Rasulullah(saw) said, "They contained monitions only, such as:

'I am astonished by one who finds pleasures in anything in spite of his faith in the certainty of death.' (Naturally when a person becomes sure of his sentence of hanging, and mounting the gallows, he can never find pleasure in anything).

'I am astonished by one who laughs in spite of his faith in the certainty of death.'

'I am astonished by one who observes accidents, changes, and revolutions of the world all the time, and still finds satisfaction in it.'

'I am astonished by one who believes in predestination, and still suffers from grief and hardship.'

'I am astonished by one who believes that he will soon be required to render an account and still does no good deed.'

There is a quotation from the Torah in 'Ihya', in which Allah says, "My servant! are you not ashamed of your behaviour towards Me? If you receive a letter from a friend while you are going on a road, you stop and sit at a suitable place and read it with full attention and try to understand every word therein. But in case of My Book, wheren I have explained everything and have repeatedly emphasized important matters, so that you may ponder over and understand them, you show an attitude of indifference. Do you consider Me inferior to your friend even? O, My servant! some of your friends sit with you and talk with you; you pay them full attention. You listen to them and try to understand them. If anybody tries to interrupt you, you stop him with a gesture. I talk to you through My Book, but you pay no heed. Do you consider Me inferior to your friends?"

A day in the next life for a believer is one thousand years, but for disbelievers it is fifty thousand years.

Whenever Hazrat Uthman (ra) stood by a grave, he used to weep so much that his beard would become wet with tears. Somebody asked him why he wept more at the mention of the grave than he did at the mention of Heaven and Hell. He replied, 'I have heard from Rasulullah(saw) that the grave is the first stage towards the Hereafter. Whoever is saved from chastisement in it, for him the subsequent events become easy, and whoever is not saved from chastisement in it, for him the coming events will be harsher still. And I have also heard that no scene is more horrible than that of the grave.'

One of my favorite Hadiths:

From Munabbihaat by Ibn Hajar:

"Once when the Prophet(saw) was sitting among his companions, he remarked, 'Three things of this world are very dear to me: Pleasant scents (perfume), Women, and Salaat-the comfort of my eyes.' 'Quite true' rejoined Abu Bakr (ra), 'And I cherish three things: a look at thy face, spending of my wealth on thee and that my daughter is thy wife, O Prophet of Allah!' 'Quite true', said 'Umar (ra), 'And the three I love most are; enforcing that which is right, forbidding evil and wearing old clothes.' 'Quite true', said Uthman (ra), 'And the three I love most are: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and reciting the Qur'an.' 'Quite true', said Ali (ra), 'And the three things I love most: serving a guest, fasting on a very hot day, and smiting the enemy with my sword.' At this, Jibrail (as) appeared on the scene and said to the Prophet(saw), 'Allah has sent me to tell you what I would love if I be one of the mortals.' 'Yes, do tell us, Jibrail', said the Prophet. Jibrail then replied, 'If I had been like you, I would have loved three things: guiding the people gone astray, loving those who worship in poverty, and helping the poor family men. And as for Allah, He loves three characteristics of His slaves: striving in His Path, crying at the time of repentance, and steadfastness in want and hunger.'"

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