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Islamic Obligation in How to Treat Others

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All are from Mufti Taqi Usmani's oral lectures in Urdu.

The religion is based on these five parts:

1. Belief - Belief must be along the proper lines
2. Worship - Prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and zakah must be observed diligently
3. Dealings - Buying and selling transactions must respect the Commands of Allah. Improper and unlawful means must be shunned.
4. Mutual Living - One must observe the Commands of Allah in day to day living and mutual, social affairs.
5. Character - One's personal character and morals, feelings and thinking must be correct.

Today, we are Muslims in our behaviour only as long as we are in the Mosque but when we step into the practical field, we hasten to cheat other people, we betray trusts and cause inconvenience to other people and hurt them. This is not entering into Islam because while one-fourth of it is made up of worship, as much as three-fourths of Islam concerns rights of other people.

It is un-Islamic to hurt anyone

The Holy Prophet(saw) has said about a Muslim that he is one from whose hand and tongue other Muslims are safe. It is a grave sin to hurt other Muslims and it is forbidden. It is as grave a sin as consuming wine, being immodest or eating pork. Every kind of hurting another or causing him inconvenience is a grave sin. It is the duty of a Muslim that they should not hurt anyone. For instance, if anyone parks their car in a way that blocks people's passage and they think of it as no more than a traffice offence, then they are really offending religion and committing a sin...

The sin still counts even if the Muslims offending each other are hardly religious or already engaged in other sin. Sins don't cancel each other out, they add up, even simultaneously.

This principle is applied through the other principle of people's rights over you (as to what constitutes an offense). I mention this because men and women freely interact when that's not a part of their rights over one another. If a strange woman pisses you off, tough luck, you have no rights over her. If a wife fights with her husband, that's a different story as he does have rights over her. It also depends on the situation. Though a man has no rights over the woman, if she goes out of her way to hurt the man (anything beyond what Islam says is allowed or required interaction would be considered going out of her way) then she will incur the sin for that (on top of the sin for the interaction). Men have no leeway, even a strange woman has some rights over you because of the position of men in society and whatnot. While everything involving women gets iffy when it's a situation of self-defense or revenge or something, men do not have that right even in principle over women. Men have to respect women while a woman's priority is to safeguard her modesty so she can do pretty much anything within that context. Just a warning to the guys, do not offend women, do not be mean to them, or any of that. As I'll paste in a second, you are held liable for breaking another Muslim's heart and a woman's might not break according to your own logic.

We are not fully entered into Islam

This is enough to tell us how grave the matter of rights of fellow men are. But, we do not even consider it to be a part of religion. The noble Qur'an calls upon believers to enter Islam completely - with all of our existence, our living, our worship, our dealings, our social life, our manners, every part of us must enter into Islam. Only then will we be true Muslims and it was only this thing that spread Islam. Islam did not spread by propagation but through the example and character of men. Whereever they went, Muslims were distinguished by their example and character and this attracted men to Islam. However, today other people observe our living and character and are repulsed by Islam.

Ironic twist here is that if you fix their perception of Islam, they will instead be repulsed by Muslims.

Sincere friends are missing

...we do not find such a friend in this world whose friendship follows the friendship of Allah. We cannot find anyone whom we can call a true friend whose friendship is subservient to Allah's and who proves true in trying times. It is difficult to find such a one. When my elder brothers spoke about their friends in the presence of our respected father, he would remark that they had made many friends in his life while he, at the age of sixty, could not make any friends. All his life, he had only a friend and a half. One could not find anyone easily who would measure correctly to the standards of friendship.

True friendship is technically impossible in this world except with Allah, what we can have is companionship. A matter of semantics, but then again... linguistics and language are serious business.


Suppose if anyone intends to go to Lahore but boards a train that is bound for Quetta, will their intention take them to Lahore?

The Devil is clever

The Devil of a scholar is a scholar. Shaitan misguides Ulema in a scholarly way. This applies to all other fields as well, if you're a whatever, Shaitan will be in your head as an equal or superior whatever with the aid of your Nafs using every trick you know to decieve you.

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