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Finding the Right Path in the End Times

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I'll paraphrase from another section:

Abu Hurayrah (ra) said: There are three signs of this period: The first is that people will violate the rights of relatives and sever ties of relationship. The second sign is that they would obey those who mislead. The third sign is that those who guide and lead will be disobeyed. When these three signs are found at anytime, it will mean that the foolish and stupid and young people run the government.

The Prophet(saw) said in a Hadith: "As you are, so shall rulers be imposed over you." and another version is: "Your deeds will mould your rulers."

He also showed us what to do when this happens. Fix the problem at the root, pray: "O Allah! These evil men rule us because of our evil deeds. O Allah! Be merciful to us and forgive us our misdeeds and reform us. Appoint pious and righteous people over us."

What's the point in complaining or hating?

Political Situation in Pakistan

Mufti Taqi Usmani said about Pakistan over 10 years ago:

The political conduct in our country is such that when a politician is in favour, he is praised to dizzying heights, and is presented as if he is free from blemish. Anyone who criticizes him is not tolerated. But, when he falls in the bad books of the people then he seems bereft of all good qualities. In either case, limits are exceeded. The Prophet(saw) has disallowed us to behave in this way. Religion is not only prayer and fasting, but it also calls upon us to show moderate conduct both in friendship and in dislike. Men of God understand this thing. We must keep at a safe distance from those in authority.

The principle of which he was talking about was the Hadith: "Make friends after deliberation, that is, exercise restraint, because your friend might become your foe tomorrow. And, if you bear enmity with anyone, be cautious in showing your displeasure, because your enemy might turn into your friend tomorrow."

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