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Simple Prescriptions & A Curriculum for Regular Muslims

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Simple Prescriptions

Allah Ta’ala wants that every Believer, every Muslim, you and I, no matter how far away we may be, and no matter how much we may have distanced ourselves from Him to still become His friend. And this is not an impossibility. Do not regard Wilayat (friendship with Allah) as a very difficult thing.

In these times, none of the Mashaa`ikh will prescribe that a person stands on the shores of the ocean, on one leg, and reads one tasbeeh, ten thousand times… nothing of the kind.

The prescription of the times is the simplest and easiest, and the only effort that we really require to make in these times of fitnah (trial) and corruption, is that together with fulfilling those Rights which are Fardh, Waajib and Sunnat, we restrain ourselves from all sins. A little Zikr (Praise of Allah Ta’ala), accompanying this, will then yield great results. We will then, Insha-Allah, see what Ikhlaas Allah Ta’ala grants to the heart, and what rewards follow on Ikhlaas.

Source: Ikhlas - Sincerity, A Discourse by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (db) [Musjid-e-Noor]

A Curriculum of Study for the Regular Muslim

by Mufti Taqi Usmani,

Section 1: Necessary Beginners Knowledge

"...without which living a life like a true Muslim is not possible."

  • Hayat al-Muslimin (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali)

  • Furu` al-Iman (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali)

  • Ta`lim al-Din (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali)

  • Behishti Gohar [for men] (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali)

  • Behishti Zewar [for women] (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali)

  • Jaza' al-A`maal (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali)

  • Sirat Khatim al-Anbiya' (Mufti Shafi`)

  • Hakayat Sahaba (Mawlana Zakariyya Kandihlawi)

  • Tarikh Islam (Mawlana Muhammad Mian)

  • Usway Rasule Akram (Mawlana `Abd al-Hayy)

Section 2: Broadening the Core

" which such vastness and firmness is produced in religious aspects that a person will not be misguided by those who misguide."

  • Ma`arif al-Quran (Mufti Shafi`) or Tafsir Usmani (Mawlana Shabbir Ahmed)

  • Ma`arif al-Hadith (Mawlana Manzur Nu`mani)

  • Behishti Zewar ke Masa'il (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali)

  • `Ilm al-Fiqah (Mawlana `Abd al-Shakkur Lakhnawi)

  • Aqa'id al-Islam (Mawlana Idris Kandihlawi)

  • Shari`at wa Tariqat (Mawlana Ashraf `Ali)

Source: (Fatawa Usmani, pg. 181-182 ed. Maktaba Ma`arif al-Quran: 2005)

[Some other beneficial works, as recommended by some teachers for personal studies, include [a] the Ihya `Ulum al-Din [b] Tariqat al-Muhammadiyyah of Imam Birgivi [c] Riyadh al-Salihin [d] `Ulum al-Qur'an of Mufti Taqi [e] Shaykh `Abd al-Fattah's works...]

In addition, most all these works can be found in English these days.

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