Monday, November 5, 2007

Enjoining Right and Forbidding Wrong

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It is further reported by Abdul Rahiman bin abza that one day the Prophet (Peace be upon him) delivered a sermon, in the course of which he praised the deeds and achivements of some Muslim tribes in the cause of faith. He then asked, "(But) why is it that some other tribes do nothing by way of creating the consciousness and understanding of faith among their neighbors? They neither instruct nor inform them nor carry out among them the duty of 'enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong? And why is it that some tribes make no effort to learn the faith and acquire an awareness of it from their neighbors? They go not to them for instruction and guidance. I declare by God that it is the duty of every group, class or tribe possessed of religious knowledge and awareness to take steps for the instruction of its neighbours to counsel them, to elighten them, to check them from sinning and to pursued them to do good deeds. In the same way, it is the duty of groups, classes or tribes. Who are ignorant of the teachings of faith, to learn them from the neighbours who know and seek guidance and enlightement from them. (That is, it is religious obligation for those who don't learn from those who do). I will see that the group which fails in the discharge of its part of the duty soon receives a severe punishment."

"If a person living in a community transgresses against the law of God and the community does not set right his ways although it has the power and the authority to do so, God's chastisement will overtake it in this very existence."

"By the Holy Being in whose power is my life, persevere with the task of 'enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong', otherwise God will surely send down upon you a punishment. Then you will supplicate to him (for deliverance from the punishment), and the supplication will avail you nothing."

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