Friday, September 14, 2007

Fear of Allah

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"We may grow fear of Allah in our hearts by setting aside some time during the day or night to meditate. We can do it after dawn prayer or just before sleeping. We may imagine we are dying, lying on the deathbed, all relatives around. The soul departs from the body and it is being shrouded. Then the body is lowered into the grave after which the angels put their questions. We are then before Allah. Let us think along these lines. If a man thinks in this way everyday, then InshaAllah he will find that he is no more neglectful. We are neglectful because we do not think of death although we bury our dead relatives with our own hands. We do not think of death although we see many sudden deaths, we see people who are occupied day in and day out in amassing wealth die suddenly and do not even turn back to glimpse at their wealth. In spite of seeing all this, we connect death only to the dying and the dead but never think that we would die too. The Holy Prophet(saw) has said: "Remember often that which will end all pleasant seeming things." (Musnad, Ahmad)"

-Mufti Taqi Usmani

(translated from an oral lecture in Urdu)

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